Good Morning,
Long time no post my blog after my summer trip in japan.

Before summer end in August, i'd decided to go to Bali, just for the weekend (that's not enough, duh!). Fyi, So many new hanging out places or beach clubs in Bali right now. I can't handle all of  them (i need more times to explore each of them). First, i would exposing a new hip beach club in Pantai Batu Belig Bali. It called :TROPICOLA. The name looks familiar right. Yeahh, have you heard Motel Mexicola in Seminyak? that's it. Tropicola and Motel Mexicola have the same owner :D. Tropicola has different style, i think they had theme :Miami vibes on Canggu. For all  services in this place was good. You can visit the link for more information and book. You can click this TROPICOLA BALI

Okay, say no more, jump to the photos!

Welcome to Tropicola

The Pool. I am not used it. But you can freely use the pool. For daybed you have to book before.

Miami vibes :D

Best seat for capturing sunset. This is the best spot.

My typical sunset in Bali

Right in front of my shots. They give you this milky shots for services. My face says it all.

The sun goes down and the sky more darker. No more daybed and the iconic umbrella. I think the pool is too small. it's okay just for dip and sip. But it's looks so bad if it get crowded :(

Okay, thats my review for this place. All is good. You can try it if you're in Bali right now or make it to your list. Next i will review one another new beach club in Canggu which makes your instagram feed looks good.


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