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When in Bali please take a look to a new "VIP" beach club in Canggu, Finns VIP Beach Club. This beach club side by side from Finns Beach Club. It's located at Pantai Berawa, Canggu. I prefer this place than Finns Beach Club itself. I can feel the "VIP" vibes on this Finns VIP Beach Club. When we entered the path we guided by their staff to choose where we want to seat and help us to choose it freely (Minimum spend avail for daybed and the lawn). Try their tasty menu, so yummy. They really treat the guest with kindness and very helpful. Finns VIP Beach Club has five types of bars and restaurant. I can't say it all in detail, for more information you can check this link FINNS VIP BEACH CLUB

I really like to jump to the photos :d

The view from Sandbar and Dinning Terrace. One of five kinds of bars and restaurant at Finns VIP Beach Club. You can choose where do you want to seat. The staff really helpful to guide you. (The daybed really awesome)

The Poolside Champagne Bar. They have this, a beautiful turquoise pool. I just love it. Fyi, this pool not too comfortable for dip and sip. The pool itself almost reach 2 meters depth. Luckily, you can use the pool freely. For Sunbed in Poolside Champagne Bar it takes min spend. You can visit their websites for more detail (I mention the link before).

Grazing on The Green. This green lawn will open at 3 pm til 11 pm. It will takes Minimum spend up to 6 people IDR 1.000.000:d. Throw some picnic party here \m/

always do it, to take some instagramable photos at this iconic Poolside Champagne Bar with the lawn and beach view after you take a dip depth on the pool :p (i used Vivid Warm filters for iPhone)

Beautiful path at Finns VIP Beach Club. Make it as your bucket list for your next vacation in Bali. 

That's it. I take two of new beach club in Bali. They're just good and awesome. Looking forward to review another beach club in Bali soon.
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