i forgot to take a snap photo on the famous pirukura, i dont find 'em. will be back here soon, to try it. At least this big mirror helps so much to shoot your outfit of the day in Harajuku ;D
Harajuku Street view. There's so many street style photographer at Harajuku until Shibuya. So, prepare yourself, dress well or unique, maybe you will capture by them and they will be posted it on the magazine, sites or instagram. Make famous.
Gloomy Harajuku. I dont have any itention to find weird cosplay here. such as lolitas. But i've seen many here. Getting there to Harajuku: By Walk from Shibuya, straight ahead from 109 Shibuya (behind) then you find the bridge, pass it through. You arrive at Harajuku.
MEIJI JINGU. This shrine near from Harajuku Station (Harajuku-eki) but you can walk from Shibuya to go there. I feel, This shrine gate looks mystical. It's a long way to get the Meiji shrine from this gate. Hahaha. I don't expect the long way i could do to see the shrine. so i just stopped here, only the gate. :D. I wonder what this shrine looks like. Definitely will see it soon in the next trip to Tokyo.


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